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Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater Installation & Replacement in Memphis & Jackson, TN

Enjoy a decade or more of steamy, relaxing water on demand!

A hot shower sounds like a luxury, but depending on who you ask, it’s up there with other living essentials like shelter, food, and water. Unfortunately, our water heaters don’t last forever. With lifespans averaging 8 to 10 years, a day will come when it’s finally time to replace your water heater. There is good news, though: modern tank and tankless water heaters are more efficient, faster, and reliable than those from the last decade. Promote harmony with enough hot water to go around by finding the right size and type of water heater for your residential or commercial property today!

At Tim Ferguson Plumbing, Air, & Electric, we leverage a quarter century of experience, training, and passion when pairing property owners with the perfect water heater. Don’t go on playing musical chairs with your supply of hot water. Ensure a comfortable, gratifying experience for every family member, employee, and guest by upgrading your water heater today. Unsure what you need? No problem! An expert plumber at Tim Ferguson is just a phone call away. Contact us to learn about your options!

Let’s Make Ample Hot Water a Fact of Life. Contact Us Today!

Hot water should be a standard fact of your everyday life, not a matter of luck and circumstance. Find the right water heater to meet your every need by talking to an expert plumber today!

Signs Your Water Heater is Ready For Replacement

Ideally, we maximize the lifespan of our equipment through frequent maintenance and conscientious usage. But in reality, life gets away from us. Regardless of how you’ve maintained your water heater through the years, it can be difficult to distinguish between problems that need repair and problems that need replacement. These common signs and symptoms may indicate that a replacement is preferable to repairs.

  • TEMPERATURE FLUCTUATIONS: A powerful, functional water heater should allow you to reach and maintain the perfect temperature. If your water temperature varies wildly from moment to moment, your water heater is on the way out.
  • NOT ENOUGH HOT WATER: In single-family homes and multi-family properties alike, the amount of hot water your heater generates can quickly become a matter of controversy. Ensure that everyone enjoys their time in the bathroom by finding a better water heater to meet your needs.
  • BROWN, RED OR ORANGE WATER: Discolored water is startling enough, but when it gets its color from rust, this water is a warning sign. Corrosion could be eating away at your aging water heater, which will mean replacement sooner rather than later.
  • STRANGE NOISES: As they age, water heaters suffer from serious sediment buildup in hoses and elsewhere, causing loud bangs and pops. This sediment can seriously affect performance and lifespan, resulting in replacement in some cases.
  • LEAKS: A leaky water heater can damage more than just itself. Standing puddles and steady drips contribute to mold and mildew growth while also sabotaging performance and comfort. It may be time for a new water heater if you notice leaks.
Ensure Hot Water & Household Harmony. Contact Us!

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Why Tim Ferguson For Water Heater Replacement in Memphis & Jackson?

Fair & Upfront Pricing

We believe that our customers should know exactly what they are paying for and never have to worry if they are being charged more than their neighbors.

On Your Schedule

We make it easy to schedule a service call 24/7/365. When it’s time for your service, you can track your technician so you will know exactly when they’ll arrive.

Highly Qualified Techs

Our team has won American Standard’s Building a Higher Standard Award, and we have seals of approval from Excellent Electrician, Preferred Plumber, & Comfort Qualified.

Versatile Services

Our team has the chops to handle any residential or commercial plumbing repair, HVAC Installation, or water heater service. We’ve seen it all, and we can fix it all.

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Water Heaters & Save Big!

Common wisdom holds that there’s seldom a good time for a water heater replacement. But with the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, homeowners have an amazing opportunity. For a limited time, the US government will pay you to upgrade to energy-efficient tank or tankless water heaters. Applicable properties/homeowners can receive tax credits valued at 30% of the total project cost (up to $600). Come tax time, these credits can drastically reduce your overall tax burden—a win for your wallet, your investment, and your quality of life. Learn more about the Inflation Reduction Act and the savings you can expect by contacting an expert plumber at Tim Ferguson today!

Home Comfort Wins in Memphis & Jackson

Trust In Hot Water By Trusting Tim Ferguson Today!

You shouldn’t have to cross your fingers, hang a horseshoe, and pick clovers to improve your odds of a hot shower in the morning. Hot water on demand is one of life’s great pleasures and necessities. For laundry, dishes, showers, and so much more, you need ample hot water without the frustrations of an aging or dilapidated system. When it’s time for replacement, trust the expert plumbers at Tim Ferguson.

For the last quarter century and counting, we’ve excelled in tankless water heater installation, traditional water heater replacement, water heater maintenance, and repairs. Let us safeguard your supply of hot water so that you can go about your life and work in comfort. Contact us for a free estimate on your water heater replacement today!