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Water Heater Repair

Residential & Commercial Water Heater Repair in Memphis & Jackson, TN

Get the hot water you need on demand with expert repair & maintenance services.

We’re all sensitive about our time in the bathroom. Everyone has their own hygiene methods, rituals, and preferences. But regardless of our habits, few of us choose cold showers when hot water is just a turn of the handle away. If you live in a household with high hot water demands or own a multi-family property with numerous units, you know what a disruption water heater malfunctions can be. A cold or even lukewarm shower can quickly ruin your day. When water heaters underperform, Tim Ferguson Plumbing, Air, & Electric restores functionality and comfort.

Since 1999, we’ve been the go-to plumbing company for any and all water heater issues. Homes and businesses throughout Memphis and Jackson, TN, trust our expert plumbers when something goes wrong. From tankless water heater repair to traditional tank water heaters, we quickly diagnose, repair, and ensure optimal performance—all with upfront pricing and plumber tracking for your convenience. Promote household harmony, hygiene, and relaxation with water heater repair services from Tim Ferguson! Call us today.

Count on Hot Water By Counting on Tim Ferguson!

Hot water is a part of your daily life and routine. Without it, your experience just isn’t the same. Let an expert plumber from Tim Ferguson diagnose and repair your water heater today!

Top Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repairs

Water heaters aren’t either fine or broken—there are numerous states between each extreme. By all accounts, your water heater could work passably while suffering from broken components, leaks, and other issues that can’t be detected in the shower or at the sink. To determine if your water heater needs service, stay vigilant for these top signs of malfunctions and issues.

  • INCONSISTENT WATER TEMPERATURE: Everyone knows the joy of getting your shower or bath temperature just right. When you find the perfect temperature, your water heater should keep it there for more than just a handful of minutes. If you’ve noticed swings and dips in water temperature, you could have a water heater issue.
  • DISCOLORED WATER: Brown, orange, or red water could be a sign of rust somewhere in your water heater’s system. Corrosion does more than just discolor your water—it can hasten system degradation and even result in a full replacement rather than just a simple repair.
  • STRANGE NOISES: Rumbling, banging, and popping noises from your water heater (especially during periods of heavy usage) could indicate harmful sediment buildup. To maximize your equipment’s lifespan, consider calling an expert plumber in Memphis and Jackson, TN.
  • LEAKS & STANDING WATER: If you notice puddles or drips around your unit, you need water heater repairs ASAP. Standing water and slow leaks may not look like much, but they can hasten corrosion and drastically reduce both performance and equipment lifespan.
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Why Tim Ferguson For Water Heater Repair in Memphis & Jackson?

Fair & Upfront Pricing

We believe that our customers should know exactly what they are paying for and never have to worry if they are being charged more than their neighbors.

On Your Schedule

We make it easy to schedule a service call 24/7/365. When it’s time for your service, you can track your technician so you will know exactly when they’ll arrive.

Highly Qualified Techs

Our team has won American Standard’s Building a Higher Standard Award, and we have seals of approval from Excellent Electrician, Preferred Plumber, & Comfort Qualified.

Versatile Services

Our team has the chops to handle any residential or commercial plumbing repair, HVAC Installation, or water heater service. We’ve seen it all, and we can fix it all.

When to Repair VS. Replace Your Water Heater

Homeowners and entrepreneurs would prefer to spend their hard-earned money on something they want or enjoy. But your water heater may have other designs. Thankfully, not every water heater needs to be replaced. Many can be easily repaired to go the distance with you and your building. That said, in other circumstances, it’s more cost-effective and beneficial in the long run to simply replace your water heater before it forces your hand.

Here are just a few considerations to make when deciding between replacing or repairing your water heater.

  • AGE: We put our water heaters through a lot, day in and day out. As such, you can expect your water heater to last anywhere from 8-10 years. If your water heater is nearing the upper limits of that range, you may consider replacement rather than repair. The opposite is true for younger water heaters with more years to give.
  • CAPACITY & NEEDS: Repairing a water heater that’s already too small or underpowered for your household/business can only help it perform better, not at its best. If you find yourself needing more hot water frequently, you might replace rather than repair your heater.
  • TECHNOLOGY & PREFERENCES: Technology is always marching forward. These days, tankless water heaters are gaining popularity for their speed, efficiency, and long lifespans. That said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Traditional tank water heaters can last long and perform well if maintained.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: With lucrative tax credits offered by the Inflation Reduction Act, it’s never been easier or more affordable to upgrade your vital home equipment. Energy efficient appliances save you money in the long term while the Inflation Reduction Act incentivizes switching in the short term.

Home Comfort Wins in Memphis & Jackson

Get Off The Struggle Bus & Into a Hot Shower! Contact Us.

For the last quarter century and counting, the expert plumbers at Tim Ferguson have delivered exceptional water heater repairs for homes and businesses throughout Tennessee. With upfront pricing, constant training, and all the latest tools and know-how, we make getting the hot water you need easy. At the end of the day, a high-performing water heater is more than just an investment—it’s a major quality-of-life upgrade.

Ideally, home and business owners would have their water heaters serviced at least once a year. But we all know that life is busy and time gets away from us. If you’ve put off maintenance and suspect you need water heater repairs, don’t gamble with your comfort. Call Tim Ferguson Plumbing, Air, & Electric for swift, reliable, affordable service today!