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Emergency Heater Service

Emergency Furnace Repair & Heat Pump Repair in Memphis & Jackson, TN

Don’t gamble with your health & safety. Call Tim Ferguson to get it handled now.

Malfunctioning heating systems are more than just inconvenient—they can pose a lethal danger to your family or employees. With a quarter century of experience under our belts, Tim Ferguson Plumbing, Air, & Electric knows how to swiftly and safely address any heating emergency that life throws at you. With honest pricing, award-winning technicians, and swift service, we can get your home or business back into safe working order ASAP. When the biting cold creeps in or harmful fumes fill your property, don’t gamble with your comfort or your life. Call Tim Ferguson to get it handled today.

Since 1999, the highly-trained and thoroughly background-checked HVAC technicians at Tim Ferguson have responded at all hours to client needs. When it’s too cold to work, sleep, or relax in your property, your property becomes less of an asset in your daily life. Reclaim comfort and productivity with expert emergency furnace repair and emergency heat pump repair in Memphis and Jackson, TN. Call Tim Ferguson today and know that you’re back on track to living and working comfortably.

Call NOW For Emergency Heating Repair Services!

Discolored pilot lights and rising fumes pose an immediate danger to your family, employees, and property. Call our expert heating repairmen today and get back on track tomorrow!

Top Signs of a Heating Emergency in Memphis & Jackson

Separating a general heating issue from a heating emergency can be tough. You may be familiar with your HVAC system, but that doesn’t always empower you with the knowledge needed to identify an emergency when you have one. For the sake of your property, your family, your employees, and your comfort, remember these top signs of a heating emergency.

  • DISCOLORED PILOT LIGHTS: The fitness of your furnace can be determined by simply inspecting your pilot light. Ideally, the pilot light should be bright blue. If your pilot light is any other color (or especially bright orange), you should leave your property immediately and call expert HVAC technicians.
  • UNRESPONSIVE UNIT: It seems obvious to say that if you turn on your heat and nothing happens, you may have an emergency on your hands. Even malfunctioning or ailing heating systems will often respond to user input. If this isn’t happening, you need help.
  • COOL AIR: A heater heats air. So if you’re getting only cool air from your heating system while freezing (or likewise dangerous) temperatures continue outside, you need service.
  • AROMA OF GAS: If you smell anything resembling natural gas or other common fuel sources in your home or business, that’s an emergency—plain and simple. Never ignore strange or dangerous aromas, as these could indicate a serious and immediate concern.
  • ELECTRICAL ISSUES: If your lights flicker when the heating kicks on or if you notice any electrical interference during the operation of your heating system, then you have a heating emergency.
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Why Tim Ferguson For Emergency Heater Service in Memphis & Jackson?

Fair & Upfront Pricing

We believe that our customers should know exactly what they are paying for and never have to worry if they are being charged more than their neighbors.

On Your Schedule

We make it easy to schedule a service call 24/7/365. When it’s time for your service, you can track your technician so you will know exactly when they’ll arrive.

Highly Qualified Techs

Our team has won American Standard’s Building a Higher Standard Award, and we have seals of approval from Excellent Electrician, Preferred Plumber, & Comfort Qualified.

Versatile Services

Our team has the chops to handle any residential or commercial plumbing repair, HVAC Installation, or water heater service. We’ve seen it all, and we can fix it all.

Regular Maintenance Prevents Heating Emergencies

The best defense against sudden or even dangerous malfunctions is regularly scheduled maintenance. At Tim Ferguson, we know how difficult it can be to keep up with routine home upkeep. That’s why we’re prepared to take regular HVAC maintenance off your plate and put it onto ours instead. Our Four Seasons Comfort Club keeps your heating system in top condition and provides dozens of benefits, including:

  • Fewer heating emergencies on average
  • Superior performance & reliability
  • Lower utility bills
  • Extended system lifespan
  • Saves you time & money

Home Comfort Wins in Memphis & Jackson

Get Back On Track By Calling Tim Ferguson Today!

Emergencies of every kind have a way of costing us. They cost us with time, concern, money, effort, arrangements, and so much more. More than anything, when you’re in the middle of an urgent (or even dangerous) matter, you just want a number you can call to have it taken care of. With a quarter century of expert service under our belts, Tim Ferguson is who Tennessee calls for emergency furnace repairs or emergency heat pump repairs.

Since 1999, we’ve made it our business to bail out home and business owners reeling from unexpected heater breakdowns. Call us today and track your technician as they make their way toward you. When the worst happens, call on the best HVAC company in Memphis and Jackson, TN!