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AC Repair

Trust The Best AC Repair Company in Memphis & Jackson, TN

Tennessee calls Tim Ferguson for upfront pricing & award-winning technicians!

When your coffee maker breaks or your car won’t start, your morning may feel frustrating. But when your AC fails on you, your day, week, and month look a little less predictable. Home and business owners in Tennessee rely on their HVAC systems to operate day in and day out. But with life spans between 10-15 years, it’s only a matter of time before your air conditioner starts to underperform or fails outright. Lukewarm air and poor airflow make comfort and productivity less likely or even impossible. But when the going gets tough, Tennessee calls Tim Ferguson Plumbing, Air & Electric for AC repair in Memphis and Jackson.

Since 1999, the award-winning AC technicians at Tim Ferguson have seen and repaired it all. When you call for scheduled or emergency AC repair services, you’ll get a text from one of our techs shortly thereafter. They’ll keep you posted about their arrival, ensuring you’re informed every step of the way. And when they get there, our techs deliver upfront pricing and an honest appraisal of the issue. If your AC system is struggling or not working at all, don’t panic! Call Tim Ferguson for craftsmanship you can count on.

Call Now & Get the Expert AC Repair Service You Deserve!

Minor problems today can spiral into expensive repairs or even a full system replacement tomorrow. Don’t wait! Trust our expert techs to get the job done right the first time around.

What Constitutes an Air Conditioning Emergency?

The major difference between an everyday AC issue and an emergency AC issue is simple: temperature. It’s no surprise that most ACs fail during the hottest months when demands are at their highest. You need a 24/7 AC repair company on your side throughout the year, but a dependable hand is all the more important when the thermometers rise.

Call Tim Ferguson today if you’re experiencing any of the following AC emergencies:

  • Your AC isn’t working at all on a 90+ degree day
  • Your AC is leaking water in your home or business
  • Your AC causes electrical shortages, trips the breaker, or the lights dim when it turns on
  • Your AC fails while young children, senior citizens, or other vulnerable people are in your home or business
  • Temperatures rise to unsafe conditions in your place of work
Call The AC Repair Company with 25+ Years of Service!

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Why Tim Ferguson For AC Repair in Memphis & Jackson?

Fair & Upfront Pricing

We believe that our customers should know exactly what they are paying for and never have to worry if they are being charged more than their neighbors.

On Your Schedule

We make it easy to schedule a service call 24/7/365. When it’s time for your service, you can track your technician so you will know exactly when they’ll arrive.

Highly Qualified Techs

Our team has won American Standard’s Building a Higher Standard Award, and we have seals of approval from Excellent Electrician, Preferred Plumber, & Comfort Qualified.

Versatile Services

Our team has the chops to handle any residential or commercial plumbing repair, HVAC Installation, or water heater service. We’ve seen it all, and we can fix it all.

More Than Just Cool Air: Top Benefits of AC Repair

There’s never an ideal time for expensive HVAC repairs. Generally speaking, you don’t see AC malfunctions coming from a long way off. And while you may open savings accounts for automotive or medical emergencies, you might not put enough aside each month to cover emergency repairs.

That said, there are dozens of short- and long-term advantages to servicing and repairing your AC regularly, including:

  • IT SAVES MONEY: So far as your AC is concerned, efficiency is calculated by power input to cold air output. In other words, the best AC units use the least amount of energy to create the greatest difference indoors. Aging or poorly maintained AC systems have to work twice as hard for half the result, leading to a noticeable increase in utility bills. Regular repairs and maintenance keep repair bills down.
  • IT IMPROVES INDOOR AIR QUALITY: The more your indoor air circulates, the less dust, hair, skin, and pet dander accumulates on surfaces and in ductwork. When your AC system functions at peak performance, it actually improves your indoor air quality. This is especially important for sensitive groups, such as those with asthma and/or allergies.
  • IT MANAGES HUMIDITY LEVELS: HVAC systems aren’t just responsible for treating air temperature—they balance indoor humidity levels, too. Too much moisture promotes mold and can even cause dangerous off-gassing—when your building materials release harmful chemicals from too much moisture in the air. To protect your investment and your lungs, repair your AC system so it can manage humidity in your home or business.

Home Comfort Wins in Memphis & Jackson

Call Us For Regular or Emergency AC Repair, Tennessee!

Your daily routine is too important to leave to chance. The comfort of your home and the profitability of your business depend on safe working conditions and productive comfort. When your AC fails, you may feel like you have to put your life on hold until someone can fix it. But with just one call to Tim Ferguson, you can get back to your regularly scheduled programming in no time flat.

For the last 25 years and counting, our award-winning AC technicians have saved the day for homes and businesses throughout Memphis and Jackson, TN. Let us take a look, suggest a fix, and provide you with the upfront pricing you need to make the smartest decision for your family or employees. After a quarter century of service, we know AC repair! Call us today.