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AC Installation

Tennessee’s Choice for AC Installation in Memphis & Jackson

Trust us to install an AC system the right way in your new or existing property.

Some homeowners are so lucky that after two, three, or even four moves, they never end up replacing their AC units. Other homeowners move in to find a busted, two-decade-old unit wheezing from the vents. This game of HVAC hot potato has winners and losers, but one thing’s for sure: AC installation shouldn’t be left to just anyone. In new construction and old, AC installation sets the foundation for a lifetime of powerful cooling and dependable comfort. When AC units are installed improperly, the problems can follow you for years, costing you time, money, and frustration. Put simply, AC installation has to be done right the first time around.

Tim Ferguson Plumbing, Air & Electric has a quarter-century-long legacy of installing new air conditioners correctly on the very first attempt. Our award-winning HVAC technicians pull out all the stops when replacing, recommending, or installing the latest energy-efficient AC systems. When installed properly, modern ACs lower utility bills and drastically increase comfort for a living or working environment that supports you. Learn more about our expert air conditioning installation services by giving us a call.

Let Us Get Your New AC Installed Correctly The First Time Around.

Start your relationship with a new AC system the right way. A professional installation increases lifespan, decreases utility bills, and sets home and business owners up for reliable performance.

The Numerous Benefits of Upgrading Your AC System

When the time comes to install a new AC unit, it’s important to look on the bright side. HVAC technology is always advancing, but most home and business owners aren’t aware of the latest developments. At Tim Ferguson, our expert technicians can walk you through your options, balancing your needs with your budget to arrive at the perfect solution for your property.

By upgrading your AC system, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, including:

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Why Tim Ferguson For AC Installation in Memphis & Jackson?

Fair & Upfront Pricing

We believe that our customers should know exactly what they are paying for and never have to worry if they are being charged more than their neighbors.

On Your Schedule

We make it easy to schedule a service call 24/7/365. When it’s time for your service, you can track your technician so you will know exactly when they’ll arrive.

Highly Qualified Techs

Our team has won American Standard’s Building a Higher Standard Award, and we have seals of approval from Excellent Electrician, Preferred Plumber, & Comfort Qualified.

Versatile Services

Our team has the chops to handle any residential or commercial plumbing repair, HVAC Installation, or water heater service. We’ve seen it all, and we can fix it all.

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your AC System

When we can, we like to take our HVAC equipment with us to the very end. But in many cases, it’s better and more cost-effective to replace than repair. Here are the top signs that it’s finally time to replace your AC unit. The right AC installation company for you is the one that communicates with transparency and sets your property up for long-term success.

  • AGE: Air conditioners don’t last forever. After 10-15 years, your AC is less efficient, more costly to operate, more expensive to repair, and at risk of failing any minute now. If your AC is older than 15 years, it’s time to explore your options before a sudden system breakdown forces your hand.
  • PERFORMANCE: If you’ve noticed your AC struggling to cool your property, making strange noises, or leading to odd aromas whenever the system starts, it’s time to research your options for replacement. Systems that are struggling noticeably won’t get better on their own.
  • COST & FREQUENCY OF AC REPAIRS: Most property owners fear the cost of replacement and installation when they should really fear the costs associated with keeping an AC on life support. It won’t take long before the costs of repair meet or even exceed the costs of AC replacement and installation.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: HVAC technology is always advancing—even if property owners aren’t keeping up with the latest developments. Modern air conditioners can save you money in the long and short terms by running more efficiently day in and day out. If you’ve noticed rising utility bills, it’s time to replace your unit.

Home Comfort Wins in Memphis & Jackson

Choose AC Installation Today For Uninterrupted Comfort

As homeowners with aging AC systems, we have to ask ourselves how many days of comfort we’re prepared to lose when our system fails. Business owners face an even more daunting question: how many days of productivity and profits can you lose to work stoppages from unsafe conditions? In both cases, the remedy is clear: schedule your AC replacement and AC installation with Tim Ferguson today.

When you schedule your AC installation on your terms, you’re better able to accommodate the cost and disruption to your routine. Additionally, you give yourself a head start in finding the right AC system to go the distance with your building. At Tim Ferguson, our award-winning HVAC technicians can pair you with the perfect system. Call today and avoid emergencies tomorrow!