Heating Sales & Installation

Most furnaces last around 13-15 years. Depending on routine maintenance and system quality, you might get 20 years out of one. But continuing to rely on an outdated and worn out unit past its prime can cost you more than its worth.

New Furnace Needed When:

  • Your heating bills start to increase, even though you’re running your system normally.
  • You’ve experienced more than one breakdown in the last year. If replacement parts and service cost more than the equipment, it might be time to replace the whole system.
  • You or your heating repair technician notice signs of carbon monoxide emissions from a gas furnace – e.g., yellow burner flames, significant rust, or excessive moisture.
  • You’ve noticed a distinct difference in moisture levels and air quality; old furnaces may dry out your home’s air too much and fail to properly filter outflowing heat.

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At Tim Ferguson Plumbing, Air & Electric, our sales and installation team understands the value of a new furnace. We’ll come out to your home, assess your current system, and provide our professional opinion about repair or replacement. Count on us for the information you need to make an informed decision.

Furnaces on the market today are more energy efficient and provide a better overall experience over time. Whether you’re interested in finding an environmentally friendly solution or you’re converting your heat source from natural gas, LP gas, or electric, we can match you with the right furnace for your needs and budget.

The Right Value in home heating

Our company takes pride in exceptional customer service. We offer same-day support and flexible repair/installation scheduling, guaranteed upfront pricing, and highly qualified technical and sales advice. If it’s time to replace your furnace, we’re ready to help.

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