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Summer Heat

Summer is officially here!!! And that means so is the summer heat!!! For most of us, it’s the time for vacations, summer sports, and trips to the beaches, rivers, and lakes. Summer also means our air conditioning units will be working extra hard to provide our sun-weary bodies a cool and comfortable home to find relaxation.

Having a demand for being cool at an all-time high during summer, it’s important to know how you can maximize your home’s HVAC system to give you the greatest benefits for the least amount of energy.

Here are Tim’s Tips for a cool summer plus the utmost in energy efficiency:


The first step in making your home energy-efficient is Insulating your home. Air leaks is an easy DIY project in which you can do alone. Weather stripping doors, windows or any other possible leak areas is a great start to sealing in those cool and comfortable temps. It may seem very simple but it’s a great start to help keep your home cool.

Avoid the Sun

Consider installing shades or curtains that will reflect the summer sun. Drawing the curtains filters out the harsh rays from the sun. We know its seems a bit odd keeping the sun out but in doing so you are eliminating the day time heat from your comfortable living spaces.

Maintenance for Longevity

Now is the time to have the routine maintenance tune-up on your unit. Give us a call today at Tim Ferguson Plumbing Air & Electric, where our HVAC technicians are highly trained to handle any cooling system. Regular maintenance will extend the life of any unit!

Contact Tim Ferguson Plumbing Air and Electric at 424-5555, 791-1550 or 877-7778. Our services cover all of West and Middle TN.

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