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Spring Forward


Is Tune-Up on Your Spring Cleaning List? If Not it Should be!!! Calendar says Spring begins Monday!!!

Before you know it, the hot weather will arrive and that air conditioner will be put to use in cooling your home. There are two important benefits to including a tune-up for the air conditioning system on the year’s spring cleaning list.

1: Efficiency increase

The dirtier your system gets, the harder it has to work to achieve desired results. You may find yourself adjusting your thermostat. And yet experiencing a hotter, more humid home than desired. During a tune-up, a technician boosts efficiency by cleaning your A/C’s coils, motor and other components with specially formulated solutions.

2: Emergency prevention

Regular tune-ups prevent major A/C breakdowns. Our technician prevents your compressor from burning out by fixing a small refrigerant leak he notices during a tune-up. A tune-up is much more affordable than having to replace a major part.

For more information on scheduling preventive maintenance for your cooling system, give us a call at Tim Ferguson Plumbing Air and Electric . We look forward to helping you enjoy a comfortable home this spring and summer.

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