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Home Holiday Ready?


Make sure your house is ready.

• Are your faucets drip free?
• Do you have enough hot water?
• Are your drains draining and toilets in good working order?

• Is your garbage disposal disposing all?
• Are all your lights lighting?
• Are your extension cords where people won’t trip over them?

• Are your outlets working? Do you wish you had more?
• Are your smoke alarms in good working order?
• Do circuit breakers trip when overloaded?

Listen to your house and get those repairs done, so a little issue doesn’t become a major inconvenience or embarrassment during your holiday festivities. Holiday excitement is 6 weeks away!!

Or  how about treating yourself by upgrading a sink and faucet with the newest styles, getting a pressure-flush toilet, or upgrading your water heater to a tankless water heater, which provides you with an endless supply of hot water. Or consider installing outdoor lighting, under cabinet lighting, dimmers, or a ceiling fan.

Give us a call today 731.424.5555 Tim Ferguson Plumbing Air & Electric will make sure your house is set for your event.

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