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Summer is HERE- Is your unit ready?


Summer Officially begins NEXT week!!! Summer means Pool time, Barbecues and Air Conditioning….Lots of Air Conditioning

Here are 4 tips to consider before Summer Officially begins….

  1. Duct Tails– Yes, it was a cartoon back when but we are talking duct work under your home. You may notice a room is much warmer than should be expected… You could have a hole or misaligned duct work. You can simply check the airflow by holding a pinwheel fan and observing the spinning or give us a call if you feel the lack of air flow in a room is due to duct work.
  2. Air Filters…This is something everyone forgets until you see them stacked in a closet!!! This truly is a MUST to remember monthly. Dirty air filters interfere with air flow and cause your unit to work harder than normal.
  3. Shield and Protect– Almost sounds like a super hero segment correct? But it’s true your unit needs protection from the environment around it! Make sure mowed grass and plants are removed from around your unit. The air intake is just as important as the filter on the inside of your home! Consider having us come out for a tuneup! Your unit will most likely need a good cleaning inside and out!
  4. Lastly, Age– How long have you had your unit? It could possibly be time for a replacement. No, those words usually don’t taste good coming out of your mouth but replacing an older unit with a more energy efficient model will end up saving you cash in the long run! Feel free to give us a call and let us send our Home Comfort Advisor out to speak with you about different options and even financing.

    HVAC units are often ignored until the problem is there! After a long hard day you come home to a hot house, this isn’t the ideal close to an evening you had hoped for! Give us a call today and we can have you enjoying a cool start to summer.

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