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Winter Weather Tips

When preparing your home for winter the best starting point is the outside. Caulking or sealing around any pipes, conduits or anything that enters the home will keep cold air away from your plumbing under the house or in the walls.

Exterior hose bibs are another area for concern. Make sure to detach hoses from the bib, then cover all exterior bibs with insulated foam covers, and remember to drain your garden hoses before you store them.

Foundation vents is an area many people forget or overlook.  As the temperature drops outside, the temp in the crawlspace will also drop.  Cold winds blowing into these vents can drop the temperature significantly causing exposed plumbing under your home to become susceptible to freezing. Close or cover these vents and vents remember to open the vents in the spring to allow proper ventilation.  Areas to look out for are foundation vents near the following: interior faucets, bathrooms, washing machine areas, washrooms, and exterior hose bibs. Insulate any exposed piping under the house near foundation vents. When we have very cold temps outside leave a little water running in your sinks, open cabinet doors under all sinks to allow surrounding heat into these spaces, and always keep adequate heat in your house, especially in laundry rooms.

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